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Chapter 1: The Interview
Chapter 2: Winds of Change
Chapter 3: The Midnight Summit
Chapter 4: Secret of the Dagger
Chapter 5: Junior Aurors in Training
Chapter 6: Ordinance Thirteen
Chapter 7: The Tryout He Didn't Miss
Chapter 8: The Thread & the Brooch
Chapter 9: Peeves Plays His Part
Chapter 10: Hagrid's Letter
Chapter 11: Blackbrier Quoit
Chapter 12: Midnight Rendezvous
Chapter 13: The Triumvirate Revisited
Chapter 14: The Elven Uprising
Chapter 15: The One to Stand For All
Chapter 16: Hagrid Makes a Plan
Chapter 17: Conspiracy of the Dragon
Chapter 18: A brief Reprieve
Chapter 19: Back to London
Chapter 20: World in Collapse
Chapter 21: Disintegrating Plans
Chapter 22: The End of the Beginning
Chapter 23: Chaos Descends
Chapter 24: The Blood of Dearest Love

Two years after the debacle of the Morrigan Web, James Potter returns to Hogwarts for his final year.

With the Vow of Secrecy crumbling in every corner, the Magical world prepares for its imminent collapse into Muggle reality, whether they are ready for such a revelation or not.

James, along with his longtime companions Ralph Deedle, Zane Walker, and Rose Weasley, are drawn into a secret plot by none other than Petra Morganstern herself to assume the role of the Crimson Thread in its original, doomed dimension, thus resetting our own. But can James allow Petra, his long unrequited love, to leave his reality forever, no matter the cost?

About the author

G. Norman Lippert is an artist and author of several novels and short stories, including , The Girl on the Dock, The Riverhouse, Redeye, The Nightmare Pearl, and The Freezing Season, which is currently in development as a feature film by award-winning director Kellen Gibbs. You can learn more about G. Norman Lippert at his official website:


The other four books in the James Potter series

The James Potter series of books has acheived the near-impossible: satisfying the post-Potter depression of millions of readers worldwide while achieving critical and popular acclaim. With over 40,000 reviews on and a 4-star average rating, Lippert's books have made international news in The Scotsman, Fox news, the Times of India, Canadian National Public Radio, The Inquisitr, and many others.

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James Potter Audiobooks

The James Potter series is available in lavishly produced audiobook format for the visually impaired. LivingAudio UK, with special permission from J. K. Rowling and related rightsholders, has recorded the first three books, with the final two currently in production. For more information, do visit their official website.

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